about me

I have 4 people living in my house a sister my mum my dad and me. My family would say that there are 5 family members in the house because we hate to leave our dog out his name is mambo he has grown up with me my whole life. I am 13 turning 14 next year in April. I have an interest in many things my favourite is horses I love hanging out with them there is one horse at the ranch that I have grown up with for a long time. I’m also interested in swimming my dad and I go Cray fish catching. One of my favourite sports to do on the land instead of horse riding is soccer it is really enjoyable.

My school is called Kalbarri district high school it has around 230 students in it which is a small school the biggest class has around 28 students in it. In Kalbarri we have 12 weeks of holidays in a year so my favourite holiday is the Christmas and my birthday times. They are the best because then I get mini gifts.

My town is called Kalbarri it is small and very coastal. It does not have Subway and KFC which a few of us probably wish it did. In Kalbarri we only have around 2 to 3 thousand people which are not big enough for lots of shops like big cities. The main shops we have are supermarkets and IGA’s we have a pub a tavern, 3 restaurants and 1 or 2 op shops in town we have 3 hairdressers and 1 post office.

The New Clydesdales

At the Kalbarri Big River Ranch there are 3 new Clydesdales one dappled grey one called Maggie, there is one brown female called Vonnie and one brown gelding named Bill. They are like double the size of all of the other 30 horses, the brown mare, Vonnie is a beautiful horse she is pregnant and the baby is due this month it is so exciting to hear I can’t wait to meet the foal they already thought of a name for it the name they thought of is river.

Little George

There once was a horse in Kalbarri called Little George he is and was my number one favourite horse. He would do everything with me, he would jump for me, when I call him he would run and come to me. Little George was my life when ever I went out to the ranch he would come to me and we would go for a ride straight away, wherever we wanted I knew he trusted me and he knew I trusted him. Little George and I were always together we never left eachothers side once he came to kalbarri he always had me teaching him new things, I technically broke him in he was my number 1. Then my beautiful baby left the ranch to go to perth with his brother and best mate. His best mate was Max and his brother was George, Shari’s favorite was Max, Shari and I were completely heart broken when we had to say goodbye to the only things we loved. A few years later I got some news that a friend had got in touch with the person who took him away I was so happy to see many photos of him. By the end of the conversation I had with this friend I had found out that my beautiful boy was gone he had passed away. R.I.P. Little George “you will never be forgotten”

Journey to the future part 2

After I got told I was heading to war I noticed I needed to get back to my school to stay alive. So I went back to the place I had came through and tried to run through but all it was, was a solid wall I then knew I need to ask around for a magician or someone that can to things to get me back. I ended up finding a man called samm. He was a friendly mate and deffinetly did not seem like a magic type man. In the end I get through because of my great friend samm. I then come back to doing my test again and my teacher has just turned up yelling at me saying “what are you doing ive been looking for you forever, you get anothr test Now” I said to myself in my head, yay this is going to hqppen all over again…

Mullewa muster and rodeo

On Saturday the 4th of June Shari, Mum, Aunty Tracy and I went to Mullewa for a rodeo. We left at 6:45 in the morning to go through to Geraldton. When we got to Gero we went to McDonalds and I ordered 2 hash browns and an apple juice. Then we hit the road again, because Shari and I were so excited for our first rodeo.

When we got to Mullewa it was raining so much, when we got to the entrance gate we got soaked because our windows had to be down. We then finally got in and mum finally found a camping area, we then put our tent up and went to watch the rodeo. We were watching it for 1 hour and then went to go have some lunch.

After we had lunch we went straight back to go watch the rodeo, this time we watched it for 6 hours. There was so much drama, it was so cool watching the bulls, baby cows, horses and clowns. We then headed back to the tent for dinner and to relax for a bit, then it was all action again we went to go and watch the bands, All up there were 4 bands then I felt really tired so I went to bed. The next morning at 9 mum and I went to go pat horses. We saw a cute and beautiful horse.  He was dressed up in a compression suit, he was a cutie. After we saw that we got in the car and headed home. I hope I go next year.

Refugee Letter

Dear Mother,

I don’t know if you will get this letter, but I really hope you do.                                                       I know it has been a year now, but I’m writing to see how you are, and to see if you are with the others.

I’m desperate to go home! I miss my old childhood days. I miss everything about Kalbarri, the country town and how beautiful it is. I left a few things behind but at least they weren’t as precious as you.

People have been telling me that I may not go home. I’m trying to book a flight back, but by the sounds of it, the war is still on. I have a feeling I won’t be back for a while.

I now have a job and get well paid which I am very grateful for. I also have a decent house here. I have some friends that expect me to like it here, which I do, but I have been watching the media reports and by the sound of things refugees are not allowed here anymore.

I have not been in any contact with any friends or family so I don’t know if anyone is safe. I’ve been missing your delicious homemade mac and cheese; the great school I went to, my wonderful friends and the beautiful beach, and our culture. I miss everything.

I’m living in Japan at the moment. All of their culture is very strange and unfamiliar and I hope I am going to a better place. They are moving us tomorrow and I don’t have a clue where I am going.

I still have many nightmares of the frightful memories of those long 3 months. I don’t feel as safe as I felt when I was with you. There have been poor people getting kept out of the country. I’m frightened.

I’m not sure if I will be able to stay in the next place I’m moving to. I hope I see you very soon.

Love, Luwana Berg

Horse fun

Yesterday 15th of June I was with a friend who owned a horse named Jack or Jackson. Josie Shari and I were making Jack look all pretty, we were braiding his hair and putting spray on him to make checkers. After we finished making him look beautiful Shari got on him to ride.   We made a little track with 4 jumps.  It was funny at one stage because Shari was going over the bounce jump and Jack stopped right in front of the jump but she tried again and he finally bounced it.

We were talking about western style rides and how we wanted to see Jack try and do them so Shari rode over to get 3 barrels and place them as if she was doing barrel racing. She got ready and I got ready with the timer then she passed me as I pressed start on the timer Jack was awful at barrels, he rode like 2 metre away from the barrels and we were laughing so hard. Then she went to try again and Shari and Jack went around the 2nd barrel and started bucking all of a sudden. I was still sitting on the floor laughing at her.  All of a sudden Jack was running after me and I stood up and bolted as fast as I could, Jack following every step I took.  I was so scared then Shari finally got control of Jack and rode the opposite way. I was relieved that he was no longer chasing me.

Shari then went to go and do some jumps so I sat down on a crate.  Then, all of a sudden, I didn’t notice Shari coming around the barrel.  She stopped on top of me then I was patting him.  Shari then made him start chasing me again then I unfortunately fell to my knees and had no time to stand up so I crawled for a bit. I finally got onto my feet and ran as fast as I could until I could hide behind Josie.  I finally got away then got my breath . We then started to head in and wash the horse. The end

New Zealand Travels

When I was little I went to go visit my mums side of the family. They are really fun. The first people we stayed with were my Nan and pop their house was really fun,they had a dog that we played with nonstop. They only lived down the road from the shops so we didn’t have to walk too far to go shopping. My favorite part of the trip was when I got lucky and went to Rainbowzend. It is a really big theme park it was amazing. I didn’t like how I was small at times because I didn’t get on the things that I really wanted to. My personal favorite was the go karts my family would not stop having races all around the place. That day we were really tired when the excitement stopped. My trip to New Zealand was unforgettable. I will always remember it and hope I go again with my kids in the future.


On the weekend my mum told haylee to come over to have a play but by the time she had left I had already packed my bag to go to her house for the night we got back to her house and we had sat down then wanted to do some musicals so we were do I ng that then mia decided to join so we ended up doing duos with her I think we made probably 15 of them that shows how bored we were then we started getting tired so we went to bed we woke up and got ready to go play at my house then left to play. After a long day at mine we then went to carlees party it was fun then I came home and relxed

my weekend (Journel)

on the weekend i had visitors up from magaret river we hadn’t seen these visitors in 7 years they get really fun to play with. we went swimming at jaques and i took alot of pictures and videos with my 4k action sport camera the 2 boys love surfing and the girl she loves swimming like my sister and i. after jaques we went to the river on a stand up paddle board the 2 boys are really annoying at times they tipped us girls off we were planning on crossing the river all dry. after we got tipped off we got back on and and kept on going i ended up falling off and the girls didnt know that i fell off so they kept on going i had to chase them by swimming all the way across river it was annoying cause they started heading back and then came and picked me up i said “why did you leave me behind” the girls said “we thaught you were still on” so then we all went in, it was really funny. us girls ran off straight away so the boys would take everything home not us.